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Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies

Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies

127 Min.
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#123movies #fmovies #putlocker #gomovies #solarmovie #soap2day Watch Full Movie Online Free – Martha and Sean are a Boston couple on the verge of parenthood whose lives change irrevocably when a home birth ends in unimaginable tragedy. Thus begins a yearlong odyssey for Martha, who must navigate her grief while working through fractious relationships with her husband and her domineering mother, along with the publicly vilified midwife, whom she must face in court. A deeply personal, searing, and ultimately transcendent story of a woman learning to live alongside her loss.
Plot: When a young mother’s home birth ends in unfathomable tragedy, she begins a year-long odyssey of mourning that fractures relationships with loved ones in this deeply personal story of a woman learning to live alongside her loss.
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Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies 1 Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies 27.1/10 Votes: 44,200
Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies 3 Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies 275%
Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies 5 Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies 266/100
Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies 7 Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies 27.1 Votes: 826 Popularity: 10.833


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I’ve never seen a movie from Kornél Mundruczó, but Pieces of a Woman started getting the usual awards buzz that comes with this time of the year. Once Netflix grabbed the distribution rights, it was just a matter of time until I got the chance to watch yet another Oscar-bait. I didn’t really think about it nor created any sort of expectations besides hoping it would be good. Vanessa Kirby (Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Hobbs & Shaw) and Shia LaBeouf (Honey Boy) are the protagonists of a story that will connect with many people around the world, especially couples who went through the same situation. I’ll write it straight away: it’s undoubtedly one of the best films I’ve seen this past year.

How does it stand in comparison with the other marvelous movies? I’ll have to think about it when organizing my Top10, but Pieces of a Woman possesses the best opening act I’ve seen in quite a long time. For thirty full minutes (even before the title card shows up), an entire birth scene is delivered through excruciatingly long, uninterrupted takes, which ultimately make the whole sequence feel like a phenomenal oner. Technically, the entire film is brilliantly directed by Mundruczó, who takes advantage of the superb cinematography from Benjamin Loeb and Howard Shore’s beautiful score to offer the viewer an emotionally powerful viewing experience.

As fantastic as the technical attributes may be, Kata Wéber’s exceptionally well-written, detailed screenplay is really elevated by the incredible cast, notably its leads. Without the shadow of a doubt, Vanessa Kirby gives her career-best performance, demonstrating an emotional range I genuinely believed she didn’t have. Martha’s arc ends up being a tad predictable and formulaic as some other characters’ arcs and portions of the narrative, but I never felt less invested in the story due to that. In fact, I can’t remember the last movie that brought tears to my eyes before the end of the first act, which serves as a statement of the film’s realism and authenticity.

Shia LaBeouf might have also delivered his best interpretation ever, even though I truly love a couple of his past displays. Once again, the actor brings his A-game, demonstrating the talented acting skills that make him one of the most underrated actors working today, in my opinion. A particular aspect of Sean’s arc left me a bit dubious of its necessity and/or importance to the narrative, but just like Kirby’s character, I was always interested in their path. Molly Parker is also excellent as the midwife involved in the tragedy, while Ellen Burstyn portrays Martha’s mother, Elizabeth, leaving me deeply surprised by her outstanding performance. 88 years old… Magnificent.

Despite the highly expected developments and respective conclusions, the ending shares a touching revelation involving a particular trait from Kirby’s character that hit me really hard. The best aspect of the entire movie has a negative side effect, though. After such a mesmerizing, powerful, shocking first act, the rest of the film never quite reaches the same level of investment and immersiveness that the initial thirty minutes are packed with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a remarkably captivating narrative, filled with significant messages of forgiveness, acceptance, fairness, and another take on the “moving on” matter.

It will be extremely hard to watch for many people, but it’s that realistic environment that left me speechless and surprisingly emotional right from the get-go. It might not be a movie that I’ll rewatch countless times or even recommend to every single reader. Nevertheless, Pieces of a Woman carries an undeniably impactful story that tons of viewers will share a deep connection with, which every filmmaker tries hard to accomplish. Ultimately, concerning my Top10, it will come down to how much I value its immense quality vs. its low replay value.

All in all, Pieces of a Woman becomes a worthy awards contender, holding one of the best opening acts of the last few years. With astonishing direction from Kornél Mundruczó, the first thirty minutes are packed with extreme levels of anxiety and stress due to the emotionally shocking birth sequence, which is played out through excruciatingly long takes. Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf deliver their career-best performances, handling extensive monologues effortlessly, but it’s the former who leaves me mind-blowed at her emotional range, which induced tears in my eyes even before the title card. Kata Wéber’s exceptional screenplay is brought to life in a remarkably authentic, immersive manner, leaving me incredibly captivated by its characters, despite the formulaic and predictable arcs. Huge praise to Howard Shore’s wonderful score, and Benjamin Loeb’s terrific camera work, as well as Molly Parker and Ellen Burstyn’s excellent displays. I highly recommend it to anyone who’d love to watch an emotionally investing story with phenomenal acting but be advised: it can extremely hard to watch at times.

Rating: A-

Review By: msbreviews Rating: 8 Date: 2021-01-07
I feel like I can’t review “Pieces of a Woman” without first addressing the elephant in the room: the horrific and violent abuse claims against lead actor Shia LaBeouf. They’re so bad that Netflix has taken the man’s name off most ads for the film and, especially considering the subject matter, it seems appropriate. LaBeouf gives an absolutely heartbreaking performance, but the allegations surrounding the actor make some of the material feel very upsetting (in particular, a scene where LaBeouf’s character tries to force unwanted sex on his partner). But to dismiss this film would be unfair to the those who worked so hard both in front of and behind the camera.

The film tells the story of Martha (Vanessa Kirby) and her partner Sean (LaBeouf) over the course of a year, set off by the new mother’s home birth that ends in an unthinkable tragedy at the hands of a flustered midwife (Molly Parker). The grief begins to overwhelm the young couple, who are coping in very different ways. The first part of the movie highlights the deep love between the two but as the months tick on, their relationship become more fractured. Making things worse is Martha’s domineering mother Elizabeth (Ellen Burstyn), who never liked Sean and sees her daughter as a failure.

Director Kornél Mundruczó has fashioned a gripping portrait of loss and grief that rests firmly on Kirby’s shoulders. She gives a raw, physical and emotional performance that is truly outstanding. She and Burstyn create a realistic family dynamic which finally explodes when Martha and Elizabeth have a tense standoff over dinner. Mom wants her daughter to deal with the tragedy head-on instead of continuing to bury the pain. It’s one of the strongest scenes in the film, and the two actors make it unforgettable.

The film has a melancholy atmosphere and tone that complements the subject matter. Everything is increasingly bleak and drab as Martha and Sean continue to make a series of bad-to-worse decisions and behaviors that eventually destroy their lives together. They deal with grief in varying ways. She bottles her sadness inside while he lashes out with increased aggression. That’s part of what makes this story such a personal journey and makes it feel achingly authentic.

Despite its flaws (including a lousy ending and numerous metaphors about building bridges and growing apples), “Pieces of a Woman” doesn’t shy away from presenting an unflinching look at deeply wounded humans who are devastated by grief. It’s a tough film to watch, but it’s an effective, intimate look at bereavement, agony, and a pain that no one could possibly heal.

Review By: Louisa Moore – Screen Zealots Rating: 7 Date: 2021-03-09
Good film reaching but failing to be Great
It’s a well acted tragic story that starts off excellently, but falls apart bit by bit the longer it goes until it ends on a whimper, as if the story got tired. Vanessa Kirby is equal parts excellent, and yet underacted in a sort of apathetic manner, where it began to hurt the story itself because her behavior was not shown to have anything underlying it, but her surface level was her entire level. Shia was excellent, as was the Mother. The film is very much in the style of Hungarian films, as the director is, and I say this in the way that this film could and would have been shot as a Hungarian film and played out exactly the same, if it had not been North American. In fact, it feels like an American adaptation of an existing Hungarian film, but this is it. The tone of the film jerks around somewhat, going with hard, every day realism, with odd smatterings of symbolism that just don’t mesh well and come up like worn down speed humps on your drive, so instead of you getting seamless symbolism, they are stark and you are slapped aware of them when they show up. The dialogue is very good and realistic, except for a few instances where they get speechy and you start to fall out of the immersion because of it. The cinematography is very great, and the music works well. I think with some tweaks this could have been a great, even excellent movie, but what we got is a hampered result.
Review By: KingOfHungary Rating: 6 Date: 2020-09-13
Cinema Omnivore – Pieces of a Woman (2020) 8.1/10
“On the strength of Wéber’s sober and distinctively female-oriented script, PoaW instantly takes audience aback from its daring gambit, before the movie’s title crops up, Mundruczó virtuosically orchestrates a 20-odd minutes sequence to closely observe the aforementioned tragedy, a flurry of travails during a home birth, assisted by midwife Eva Woodward (Parker) and her partner Sean Carson (LaBeouf), Martha Weiss (Kirby) has difficulty in delivering her baby. When the bundle of joy is suddenly snuffed, the trio’s lives will be forever altered. It is as visceral as one can (or at least, a male viewer can) relate to the oceanic pain a mother might endure during parturition, and cinematically, Mundruczó tries to reflect this simulated realism with a phlegmatic pace, DP Benjamin Loeb’s hand-held camera is more steady than shaky in its serpentine routes, it is amazing how the camera’s movement can be choreographed seamlessly on a dime.”

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Review By: lasttimeisaw Rating: 8 Date: 2021-01-31

Other Information:

Original Title Pieces of a Woman
Release Date 2020-12-30
Release Year 2020

Original Language en
Runtime 2 hr 6 min (126 min)
Budget 0
Revenue 0
Status Released
Rated R
Genre Drama
Director Kornél Mundruczó
Writer Kata Wéber
Actors Vanessa Kirby, Shia LaBeouf, Ellen Burstyn
Country Canada, Hungary, United States
Awards Nominated for 1 Oscar. 6 wins & 60 nominations total
Production Company N/A
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Dolby Digital
Aspect Ratio 1.85 : 1
Camera Arri Alexa Mini, Panavision Primo and PZM Lenses
Laboratory N/A
Film Length N/A
Negative Format CFast 2.0
Cinematographic Process ARRIRAW (2.8K) (source format), Digital Intermediate (4K) (master format), ProRes 4444 XQ (2.8K) (source format)
Printed Film Format DCP, Video (UHD)

Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies
Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies
Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies
Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies
Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies
Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies
Pieces of a Woman 2020 123movies
Original title Pieces of a Woman
TMDb Rating 7.1 826 votes

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