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From the moment parents learn they are “having a baby”, they focus on providing a happy and healthy environment and the best opportunities for their kids. This includes planning for their children’s education, and today, for moms and dads across this country, the pressures their children’s education, and today, for moms and dads across this country, the pressures associated with schooling begin early – very early.

Set in New York City, the epicenter of a phenomenon cropping up in communities across The United States, “Nursery University” provides a good-humored look at the oddly competitive environment of nursery school admissions. The film tells the story of five families — each with different backgrounds and economic circumstances — attempting to place their toddlers in preschool classrooms with limited spaces and high price tags. “Nursery University” also follows the school directors who must determine which “applicants” to welcome through their doors and the experts that guide the parents through the process. Cue the tears, hysterics, and breakdowns — and that’s just the parents.

The New York City preschool scramble officially commences the day after Labor Day when thousands of parents speed dial the schools to request applications for admission. Because demand forces the schools to distribute only a limited number of applications, those who fail to get past a school’s busy signal in the allotted time do not even earn the chance to apply.

To get past a school’s busy signal in the allotted time does not even earn the chance to apply. Parents who do manage to obtain one of the prized applications face long odds because the best schools, which offer priority placement to siblings and legacies, receive an average of 15-20 applicants for each available spot.

With a post 9/11 baby boom, even in today’s difficult economy, the admissions process is considered more competitive than that of the nation’s top Ivy League universities and the demand has driven annual preschool tuition upwards of $20,000. In a culture driven by the pressure to succeed, parents fear that their children will not gain admission anywhere, let alone the “right” schools — those feeder schools that send their “graduates” to the top-tier kindergartens — and then, the notion goes, the finest ongoing schools, high schools, and kindergartens — and then, the notion goes, the finest ongoing schools, high schools, and colleges.

“Nursery University” is the first film to gain access to this exclusive environment. In doing so, the film examines inequities in the system, as well as the realities, perceptions, and so, the film examines inequities in the system, as well as the realities, perceptions, and motivations that have infused the process with so much angst. And while the film raises basic questions about current societal truths that lead to New York’s preschool scramble, the film ultimately conveys the humor, joy, and pride associated with the little darlings at the center of all the fuss.


Marc H. Simon

Marc H. Simon, Matthew Makar (co-director), wrote and produced “After Innocence”, which won the special, jury award at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, before going on to receive other numerous recognitions, including its selection as a semi-finalist for Best Feature… Documentary at the 78th Academy Awards. “Nursery University” is Simon’s feature;„ directorial debut. Simon is also an entertainment attorney at Cowan, DeBaets, zzz Abrahams & Sheppard in New York City where his practice focuses in the area of film production and finance. He also has worked as a special legal correspondent and producer for Fox Television’s A Current Affair.

‘Matthew Makar CO-DIRECTOR, PRODUCER Matthew Makar is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of Elementary Films. Makar co-directed and produced “Yellow Brick Road”, which has aired on HBO Family and Cinemax. Makar has also worked in production for Miramax Films, GreeneStreet Films, MTV and VH1. He recently completed a short documentary about a disabled man who writes and records a rap song with his favorite rapper Chuck D. Makar has also consulted on documentaries including “Life on the Edge,” NBC’s “Meeting David Wilson,” the “First Born” and “Forgive Me, Father.”



•Tips on Getting Into Nursery School
•B&As with Filmmakers, Admissions Experts, and Parents
•Audio Commentary by the Filmmakers
•Deleted Scenes
•Filmmaker Biographies

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Victoria Goldman – Author, Manhattan Directory of Private Nursery Schools

Dr. Golinkoff, Developmental Psychologist/Author, Einstein Never Used Flash Cards

Dr. Hirsh-Pasek, Developmental Psychologist/Author, Einstein Never Used Flash Cards

Dr. Harold Kopelewicz – NYU Child Studies Center

Wendy Levey – Director, Epiphany Community Nursery

Roxanna Reid- Founder, Smart City Kids

Sam Roberts – The New York Times, Urban Affairs Correspondent

Gabriella Rowe – Head of School, The Mandell School

Amanda Uhry – Founder, Manhattan Private School Advisors

Patti Wollman – Smart City Kids Consultant


Tony, Cynthia, and Juliana Roderick, Heidi, and Jackson Aleta, Gian, and Francesca Wyatt, Sneha, and Layla Kim, Kris, and Keiron


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